eControl - Strategic Purchasing Management

Determine requirements - Obtain offers - List suppliers - Check prices

Purchasing management creates long-term supplier relationships and good prices.

Within the scope of the requirements survey ("eControl" module), articles are proposed for procurement from the cost units, actual requirements are surveyed and transferred to the tender. For the creation of supplier inquiries or for the execution of tenders, interactive documents can be created for the integration of the supplier. The data valid for all positions and all suppliers, such as the offer period, the title of the tender, the text of the cover letter and the unique request number are entered as framework data. The organizational data valid for the user can be stored and is automatically transferred to the document. The suppliers to be addressed with the RFQ can be assigned by selection according to postal code, city and name.
By assigning G/L accounts to material groups or users to organizational units, the mandatory fields are preassigned with default values.
The current status of a RFP is displayed in the status monitoring and thus provides the user with information about the document status at any time. The selected suppliers are given the opportunity to enter offer data via an email link or by logging into the supplier self-service.