eInvoice - Invoice Management

Logistical invoice verification reduces the risk of deviating prices or delivery quantities

eInvoice - Invoice management based on purchase order, shipping notification and goods receipt inspection

The eInvoice module is a solution for capturing, checking and managing invoices (invoice management), purchase orders and deliveries. These are verified and processed electronically. The exchange of electronic invoices based on the hybrid format PDF/A-3 enables human visual inspection and electronic processing without scanning and character recognition for invoices. An invoice monitor filters procurement transactions that exceed individual tolerances and feeds them into a workflow for clarification or approval.

Non-electronic invoices are scanned in as invoices and assigned to the preceding documents via a reference. The predecessor document can be a goods receipt or a purchase order. Tolerated invoice deviations are defined as amounts or percentages. If these tolerances are exceeded, a workflow is triggered to clarify the deviation. The clarification and release of the invoices is done by email.

For the verification of collective invoices, any number of delivery bills can be combined in one invoice control. The account assignment of the invoice is automated on the basis of previous account assignment allocations or via account assignment proposals of the material groups. Released invoice transactions can be transferred to connected accounting systems.