Rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and clinics often operate under similar conditions to hotel organizations and are also referred to as "hospitality" companies. The individual facilities are usually part of a group of companies, although there are very different sizes of associations or even cross-sector constellations.
A typical requirement of the industry is decentralized stocking of articles, as the plants often have "long distances". The organization in shift operation and the 24-hour operation require constantly available, easy-to-use ordering options in the specialist department.
Purchasing assumes the strategic role of supplier and product selection and provides the articles as catalog data in the ordering system (=eProcure). The specialist department can trigger orders "around the clock". For the simplification of the product selection for the specialist department group favorites are created, which represent a preselection of the products usually to be procured. Missing catalog items can be ordered as free text items or transmitted as a request to the purchasing department.