Due to their purchasing volumes, small and medium-sized companies often do not have the opportunity to negotiate "1A prices" with suppliers. Through cooperation and joint negotiations, a corresponding negotiating position can be built up with suppliers in order to reduce disadvantages compared to larger companies due to poorer cost prices.
Procurement platforms can be used to transport the negotiated conditions to the companies of the cooperation members in a transparent and up-to-date manner. The conditions are made available as catalogs. Any surcharges or discounts for logistics or other services within the scope of delivery can be taken into account for individual partners when orders are triggered.
jb-x business solutions GmbH is "co-initiator" and cooperation manager of the cooperation for 4* and 5* hotels. We organize regular cooperation meetings, analyze and evaluate the existing contracts, check possibilities of volume bundling and take up other cooperation topics besides procurement optimization to achieve synergies in other departments as well.
This new form of network purchasing by legally independent companies was made possible by web-based procurement portals that support joint and company-specific purchasing from national or regional suppliers without the need for on-site installation. The main distinguishing features from purchasing cooperatives are specially negotiated conditions without surcharges or discounts, transparency and independence through the cooperation's own organization.