Price comparison

Preisvergleich | Frau sitzt vor Bildschirm

Under selection of the current RFP in the eControl - RFPs tab, the purchaser can now compare the submitted offers of the suppliers via the "offer comparison" button.

In the window that opens, all submitted offers from the suppliers are displayed with the total price on the right. A direct price comparison can be made here.

Clicking on the respective button of an offer opens the details of this offer.

In the "Price comparison" button, the submitted offers are displayed with their respective prices next to each other and the most favorable price is highlighted in green. This enables a direct price comparison.

Under the tab "Qualitative rating", personal weightings (%) can be defined with regard to various parameters, which are decisive for a purchase decision made by quality of the offer (Quality Order).

Using the buttons below you can import the last offers into an Excel list, print all submitted offers, select the offer with the best single price, select the offer with the best total price, select the offer with the best quality, or cancel the process.