Invoice Monitor

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After logging into the system, please go to the "eInvoice" module with the mouse pointer and click on "invoice monitor" in the menu that pops up.


Now all invoices entered in the system are displayed in the "Invoice Monitor" box. The columns can be individually shown or hidden via the table settings.

The Variance, mapping status, deviation status and status columns show the respective status of the invoice.

Symbols deviation status:

 = More expensive out of tolerance

 = More favorable out of tolerance

 = More favorable within the tolerance

 = No deviation

 = More expensive within tolerance

Symbols test status:

 = Draft

 = Professionally tested

 = released for payment

 = Processing stop

Symbols booking status:

 = ERE

 = TRE

 = OFP

Symbols status:
The legend of the individual icons can be displayed via explanation of the monitor icons.


With "create invoice" you can upload an invoice file and enter it manually. To do this, click in the left half of the window and select the file. Then you can fill the form with the invoice data on the right:


All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in.

First enter the supplier by clicking on the magnifying glass in the field, enter the name in the window that opens and select it by double-clicking.


Next, enter the invoice number and select the invoice date. Finally, select your company code by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.


Now you can enter the different article positions from the invoice via the remaining fields. All required data can be taken from the invoice. Confirm each item by clicking the "Add to article list" button.

Example position 1:


(In diesem Beispiel wurde ein anderer Netto-Gesamtpreis angegeben (45,00€ statt 49,90€). Dies dient zur späteren Veranschaulichung von Preisabweichungen.)

Now please apply all positions of the invoice as shown in the screenshot above.


Finally, click the Save button and close the dialog box by clicking the x icon in the upper right corner.

The newly created invoice is now displayed in the first place in the Invoice Monitor.


Double-clicking on the invoice item or using the pencil button opens the "Invoice" tab, in which the invoice items can be linked to the stored file.


The "Link document manually" button can be used to link all marked items (yellow) of the invoice.

A new dialog window opens, in which the imported invoice can be selected at the top and then the individual invoice items can be linked together.


To do this, please click on the invoice with the date "06.10.2016" at the top. All positions of the invoice will be displayed in the center of the "Order positions" box. These can be linked by placing a check mark next to the respective invoice item and the matching item below and then clicking on the "Link positions" button.


Once you have carried out this process for all three invoice items, close the dialog box by clicking on the "x" symbol at the top right.

Then click on the "Check invoice" button on the right above the invoice items.


As a result, the deviation status updates to the right of each item and is marked with the applicable icons.


This successfully linked all invoice items together!