Any type of association, from membership to organizations, is based on the belief that it will provide an advantage or generate added value. For companies, these can be profession-specific organizations such as clubs or associations that offer members a wide variety of services: Information on legal framework conditions, changes in the professional image, developments and trends, insurance benefits or even retirement provisions.
These offered services are perceived as added value. Better purchase prices, negotiated by associations or societies and passed on to members, are also suitable for contributing to the added value of membership. Organizations can advertise this "cost-neutral" procurement of good conditions, which an individual company would not achieve due to volume, as an added value of membership. Putting membership fee and purchasing savings in relation to each other, this can even become "free" membership.
We advise associations and clubs on setting up a procurement / sales platform, support operation, hosting, hotline, support and content management. Especially for this form of operation of a portal, we offer interesting licensing models that are based on the actual use of the platform (= the added value).